Elon Musk Worried About World War

Outspoken Elon Musk took to social media on Monday to call out warmongering efforts in the United States as Americans watch the federal government invest billions in far-away wars.

Musk commented that the American people are “sleepwalking into World War III” as public support for Israel remains high. Support in Ukraine has receded in recent months as allegations of corruption and fraud have emerged. Ukraine has been fending off an invasion by neighboring Russia since February, while Israel is putting down a terrorist uprising in the Gaza Strip.

Musk pointed out that the U.S. involvement in both conflicts has pushed Russia and China closer together, creating what Musk described as “a perfect match from a war standpoint.” Russia boasts some of the world’s most abundant resources and has alliances in Africa and South America that offer rare earth minerals and other raw materials essential for building the types of computerized weapons of war that proliferate battlefields today. Musk said that China has the industrial capacity to process and manufacture the Russian supplies and can out-build the U.S.

Musk has called for peace in Ukraine and normalization of relations between Russia and the U.S., stating that there is no benefit in continuing the conflict that has taken the lives of an estimated 300,000 people on both sides and led to widespread destruction the likes of which have not been seen since the second world war.

Ukraine has stated it will continue to wage war against Russia until defeated or until the invaders have been forced out. Ukraine intends to recapture the Crimean Peninsula, illegally occupied by Russia since 2014. Then-President Barack Obama made practically no effort to prevent the takeover of the vital Black Sea shipping region which Russia is now using to disrupt economic trade and to launch attacks deep into Ukrainian territory.

Musk alluded to a policy in the 1930’s called Appeasement which was meant to prevent war by allowing Hitler free reign to conquer European countries that did not offer financial and strategic resources to the Allies. Only when Germany invaded Poland did Britain declare war. Poland fell in just 35 days, providing Hitler with a strategic advantage that directly led to the need for a land-based assault on Germany. Had Hitler been stopped before invading Poland, millions of lives would have been spared on both sides of the conflict.

Musk sees the same outcome in Ukraine, a scenario that most historians echo. Ukraine is the cultural and physical passageway between Europe and Asia and boasts some of the continent’s most productive oil, natural gas, and food supplies. Allowing Russia to fully occupy Ukraine would be a signal to President Vladimir Putin and his cabinet that all of Europe is open for the taking, a situation that the United Nations, the European Union, and the U.S. cannot allow.

There is also the very real possibility that continued aggression in the region could spark a global conflict, particularly since the attacks by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas. Iran, an ally of Russia and violently anti-America, has vowed to ignite the war if the U.S. is determined to be meddling. As Musk said on Monday, this would pose a threat to our very civilization.