Double Standards: Harrison Floyd Denied Bail In Georgia

Harrison Floyd, leader of the advocacy group “Black Voices for Trump,” is now the only individual among 19 co-defendants of President Donald Trump who has been denied bail in Fulton County, Georgia. While other Trump allies like Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman are free pending trial, Floyd remains incarcerated in a jail that left-leaning outlet has denounced for its inhumane conditions. The reason for this glaring discrepancy? It’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room — Floyd is a black Trump supporter.

According to the indictment by District Attorney Fani Willis, Floyd is accused of “trying to pressure an election worker into testifying about alleged ballot manipulation.” Despite the non-violent nature of the charges against him, Judge Emily Richardson labeled Floyd a flight risk. This determination appears to conflict with the treatment of other defendants facing similar allegations but of different political affiliations.

Democrats have long maintained that the justice system disproportionately targets black Americans. Yet, their silence is deafening in Floyd’s case, highlighting an uncomfortable truth: concern for racial justice often comes with strings attached. That is, you must toe the Democratic Party line.

Floyd founded Black Voices for Trump in 2019 to support Trump’s reelection and to celebrate achievements like record-low black unemployment and opportunity zones. A Marine Corps veteran, Floyd and his group made headlines for their proactive role in cleaning up cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin, during the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots. But while Democrats lionize BLM activists and protect their political allies, Floyd’s dedication to community improvement seems to have landed him in hot water instead of earning him praise.

The charges against Floyd are non-violent, and the conversation he had with an election worker was done in the presence of a police officer. And yet, while Floyd’s name joins the litany of black Republicans like Clarence Thomas and Larry Elder who face “unjust anger and political persecution,” Antifa activists who engage in violent attacks walk free, often with Democrat support.

Floyd is being held in Fulton County Jail, a facility where people “die in squalor,” according to Slate. The outlet suggested that white defendants are rarely held there due to discrimination and their ability to afford private attorneys. Yet, where is the outrage from Black Lives Matter? The organization, so quick to condemn perceived racial injustices, remains conspicuously silent on Floyd’s unjust treatment.

Harrison Floyd will have his day in court. Still, the selective concern and uneven treatment suggest that the justice system, and perhaps more revealingly, the Democratic Party, primarily show interest in black lives when it serves their narrative. It’s a troubling reality that should prompt us to reconsider who truly advocates for justice and equality in America.