DOJ Clears Special Counsel David Weiss For Testimony In ‘Near Term’

In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, the Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed that it had cleared Special Counsel David Weiss to testify before Congress about his investigation into Hunter Biden in the “near term.”

The letter, sent by Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte, stated that the DOJ “reaffirms its commitment” to make Weiss available to testify in the “near term” — while also offering to make the U.S. attorneys from California and Washington, D.C., available to appear.

“The volume and requested pace of the Committee’s proposed schedule far exceeds the Department’s resources, especially in light of the Committee’s other pending requests and subpoenas to the Department on other topics,” Uriarte wrote.

“We remain committed to providing information voluntarily, without unnecessary escalation,” the letter continued, adding, “However, any additional testimony and documents shared at this early juncture must continue to be appropriately limited to protect the ongoing matter and important confidentiality interests.”

Uriarte did not provide an exact date when Weiss would be free to testify. However, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said during a Fox News interview over the weekend that the Special Counsel had agreed to appear before the Judiciary Committee on October 18.

“We look forward to that,” he added.

Jordan previously requested in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland that Weiss be available to come in for a transcribed interview on October 11. The DOJ had initially announced back in July that it was going to let Weiss testify, but that decision was reversed after the sweetheart plea deal Weiss reached with Hunter Biden fell apart.

At that time, Weiss had not yet been appointed as special counsel. Garland granted him that status in August, which gave him broader authority to bring charges outside of his Delaware district. Since becoming special counsel, Weiss has indicted Hunter Biden with three gun-related charges. Hunter may also soon be facing an indictment related to tax evasion.

As whistleblower testimony has alleged that the DOJ interfered in Weiss’ investigation into Hunter Biden, the special counsel’s interview with the House Judiciary Committee could cause problems for the agency — which may be the reason behind the DOJ’s reluctance to allow Weiss to testify.