Cornel West Could Threaten Biden’s Reelection Chances

The Green Party’s likely presidential candidate, Cornel West, is turning up the heat on Joe Biden’s bid for reelection in 2024. A recent analysis by FiveThirtyEight suggests that the renowned scholar and activist might create a “nightmare scenario” for the incumbent President. This potential disruption to the traditional Democrat-Republican face-off could present a significant boon for GOP leader President Donald Trump.

The presence of a third-party candidate in the election race often tends to divide votes, subtly or sometimes radically swaying the election dynamics. This phenomenon isn’t foreign to American politics, as history has shown how minor candidates can disrupt the balance. The report notes third-party candidates don’t need a large support base to create electoral tremors. This factor could work in Trump’s favor.

A poll discovered that while Biden and Trump were running neck-and-neck in most scenarios, Trump gained significant ground when voters were given a third-party option. With his decades-long commitment to social and racial justice, West offers an alternative to those disillusioned by the established parties.

West’s critiques of Biden’s record have been severe, particularly concerning racial justice issues. The Green Party candidate alleges that Biden has a legacy of spurring mass incarceration among minorities due to his backing of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. This bill, critics argue, paved the way for mass incarceration by hiring 100,000 new police officers and allocating $9.7 billion for prisons.

Furthermore, West has been vociferously critical of Biden’s cognitive abilities, stating that his mental powers are declining. Such accusations undermine the confidence in Biden’s leadership and offer potential swing voters a reason to consider alternatives.

West’s possible run has raised concerns among Democrat stalwarts. Former Obama campaign spokesman David Axelrod highlighted this issue, warning that West’s run could be a breaking point for Biden, tipping the scales toward Trump. In a recent tweet, Axelrod stated, “In 2016, the Green Party played an outsized role in tipping the election to Donald Trump. With Cornel West as their likely nominee, they could easily do it again. Risky business.”

Interestingly, West’s criticisms aren’t limited to Democrats. Despite being an avowed leftist, West shares some concerns voiced by Republicans, particularly regarding the need for increased transparency and accountability in federal intelligence agencies.

The 2024 election thus promises to be an intriguing contest. As West pivots toward the Green Party from the People’s Party, his candidacy could potentially siphon critical votes from Biden in swing states. This possibility and his candid criticism of both Biden and Trump add a compelling dynamic to the forthcoming election.

Ultimately, with the looming threat of Cornel West on the Green Party ticket, the Democrats may find themselves in a precarious situation. As the 2024 race intensifies, it is clear that Joe Biden and his team will need to address these issues head-on if they hope to secure a second term.