CNN Poll: Vast Majority Disapprove Of Biden’s Economy

The Joe Biden train wreck gathered steam this week when polling from left-wing CNN showed the president’s disapproval rating on the economy tanked to the second-lowest mark of his White House tenure.

A scant 33% of Americans approve of the job Biden and Democrats are doing with the U.S. economy. That’s a dramatic dip from the 49% who approved of his handiwork in March 2021 and 3% lower than just a month ago.

Clearly Americans have serious misgivings about the state of finances and the government’s role in shoring up the business climate. So much so that the economy is now rated as the number one issue heading into the critical 2024 presidential election season.

How much so? A full 42% of respondents listed the economy as their number one concern. Immigration garnered 12% of the tally followed by foreign policy, partisanship and crime.

A paltry 35% responded that they believe that Biden is helping the middle class.

CNN’s Dana Bash had no choice but to confess that the White House’s “Bidenomics” mantra is not working. She acknowledged the administration is “spending a lot of money on it to press the point that the economy is getting better — and voters aren’t buying it.”

Bash added that it is a difficult challenge to tell voters how to feel.

Biden’s overall job approval is hardly better than his economic numbers. The same CNN polling showed his rating plunged to 37%, down from 45% at the beginning of 2023 and the 50s during his first year in office.

The latest number is down two points from the previous 39% figure. And now a full 63% say they disapprove of his job performance heading into an election year.

As for “Bidenomics,” the Democratic party abandoned pitching that term in recent weeks due to its ineffectiveness. This after his reelection team bandied it about in hopes of selling the electorate on his numerous “accomplishments.”

Many reported the word was both “ineffective” and “tone-deaf” with the American public. After all, no one needs reminding of just how much pressure inflation has put on household budgets of the middle class and poor.

All the preaching in the world will not convince the congregation that something they see with their own eyes is not true.