California Sues School District Over Transgender Parental Notification Policy

The California culture clash between concerned parents and woke state education officials shows no signs of abating. The state filed suit against the rebellious Chino Valley Unified School District on Monday over its policy to inform parents of life-altering decisions by their children.

If a child wants to “transition,” school officials must notify the parents. This does not sit well with the nanny State of California.

Democrat Attorney General Rob Bonta filed the litigation and claimed the parental notification policy puts minors in “danger of imminent, irreparable harm.” He said this amounted to mandatory “outing” of children to their families.

Incredibly, the Los Angeles Times quoted Bonta as asserting that “gender identity and gender expression” are “constitutionally and statutorily protected rights.”

He expressed concern that some parents will not accept or affirm their child’s “choice.”

Which is another way of saying it is now the job of the state to accept and affirm, no matter the will or wishes of the child’s parents. This is simply another step in California’s rapid progression toward removing parental authority over their children.

Chino Valley school officials are hardly surprised by the leftist state’s actions. Board President Sonja Shaw noted that Sacramento is increasingly moving toward shutting parents “out of their children’s lives.”

But the district is not backing down. Speaking to Breitbart News, she said, “Bring it.”

In a text message, Shaw declared, “We will stand our ground and protect our children with all we can because we are not breaking the law. Parents have a constitutional right in the upbringing of their children. Period.”

She revealed district officials only learned of the legal action from Sacramento through the media. Addressing Bonta specifically, Shaw marveled that he could not cite a single law that the parental notification policy broke.

She further called it a “joke” and a ploy to intimidate school districts across the state into rejecting “a common-sense legal policy.”

The relationship between the school district and state officials is increasingly contentious. California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond was booed out of the building when he attended a Chino Valley district meeting.

A transgender activist also reportedly threatened to “dismember” a member of the board.