Biden Using Border Visit To Promote Mass Amnesty

There is plenty of legitimate doubt about the seriousness of Joe Biden’s recently announced first-ever visit to the nation’s southwest border.

While many had some optimism about the president’s upcoming visit, news of the policy he will be promoting indicates the trip could simply be cover for a new plan for mass amnesty for illegal immigrants.

On Thursday, Biden said at the White House that the U.S. would begin accepting up to 30,000 new “temporary” residents every month through the end of his term in office. The plan is designed to provide Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan nationals a new way to obtain legal residency status in America.

He said those groups face “unique challenges” in countries of origin. That condition is not recognized under current federal immigration or parole statutes. Nevertheless, the Biden administration asserts it is only creating a “legal and orderly pathway” to enter the country on a more humane basis.

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is among Democrat lawmakers criticizing Biden for not going far enough toward mass amnesty. He said he is thankful for the increased access to parole for the “extremely limited number” of persons covered. However, he argues the new benefit will “exclude migrants fleeing violence and persecution.”

The criticism being heaped on Biden from all parts of the political spectrum shows that virtually everyone agrees that Congress should only make decisions of the type recently announced by the White House. Republicans are claiming that Biden is again unilaterally circumventing established federal law by creating all-new categories of migrants eligible to enter the country.

Many believe that Biden’s so-called “border enforcement measure” is nothing more than a marketing tool to convince the public that he is becoming more serious about the border crisis.

Biden made a trip to Arizona near the border last month to celebrate the passage of the CHIPS Act. But, even then, he cavalierly dismissed the idea of visiting the border, claiming he had “more important things to do.”

Rather than visit the border at any time in his first two years in office to address record numbers of illegal migration or surging drug trafficking, he appears to have chosen this time to visit to distract from the negative attention his latest unconstitutional immigration policy is attracting.