Arizona Governor Against Open Borders, Though Actions Say Otherwise

Talk about words not matching up with actions.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) is touting her administration’s fight against open borders, even though actions she’s taken as recently as six months ago prove she’s anything but.

On social media platform X, Hobbs wrote that her administration is “taking action to fix the migrant crisis” because the federal government has refused to do so. She wrote that Arizona would be mobilizing the National Guard as a means to support local law enforcement agencies at the state’s southern border with Mexico.

A few weeks ago, Hobbs even bragged that her administration had allocated $5 million to fight back against illegal immigration.

Yet, while she’s taking this stance publicly now — as Arizona is reeling from the huge surge in illegal immigrants coming to the state — the Hobbs administration has proved with other actions that it might actually be for open borders.

A local Arizona group discovered that the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which operates under the Hobbs administration, has been funneling money to Migration & Refugee Services. That money apparently was allocated to help house, fund, clothe and feed illegal immigrants who have made their way to Tucson.

In addition, Hobbs in June vetoed a bill passed by Republican state lawmakers that would’ve criminalized using electronic devices being used by human traffickers.

When Hobbs was a state senator, she also voted in three consecutive years to defund the Border Strike Force group in the state. The agency, situated under the auspices of the state’s Department of Public Safety, is responsible for enforcing Arizona’s drug laws.

But, now, as governor, Hobbs has demanded the agency “increase operations along the state’s southern border to enforce [its] laws.”

And while she was running for governor last year, she attacked efforts by then-Gov. Doug Ducey (R) to install razor wire and put shipping containers along the southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Hobbs has consistently blamed Republicans for the mess that’s happening at the southern border, but it’s as clear as day that she’s had a major role in the current situation there.