New Witnesses Make Nikki Haley Affair Allegations

Multiple GOP insiders have recently told the Daily Mail they were aware of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s inappropriate extramarital affairs before she became governor in 2010, according to a Friday report by the British news outlet.

The allegations go back to the 2010 midterm elections when Haley ran for governor. Her communications consultant and a married South Carolina lobbyist signed sworn affidavits alleging she had the affairs with them. Now GOP insiders tell the Daily Mail they knew about the alleged infidelity at the time, saying, “It was totally out in the open.”

Nikki Haley, who is today 51-years-old, has previously denied cheating on her husband Michael, calling herself “100% faithful” in response to the claims she had engaged in extramarital affairs. She often cites her husband as the reason for her presidential campaign.

But multiple GOP insiders told the Daily Mail they knew the intimate details of Haley’s infidelity when she served as a South Carolina lawmaker, including rendezvous in bars, the back of Haley’s Cadillac SUV, and a Columbia, South Carolina duplex. Haley had not responded to the Daily Mail’s request for comment by press time.

“I came forward publicly on this matter only after being contacted by the press and after hearing Rep. Haley claim that she had been One Hundred Percent faithful to her husband in response to the Folk’s allegations when I knew her statements were absolutely false,” said Larry Marchant, one of Haley’s alleged paramours.

An ex-staffer who worked for Haley’s campaign said, “When she was having the affairs, she and her husband were having a lot of problems and were on the verge of divorce.”

“There’s no question she and Will were having an affair,” the former campaign staffer added. “Will was not sober at the time. They liked to drink at Za’s and Momo’s in Columbia. Nikki was a big wine drinker. They would sit and canoodle. It was totally out in the open, everyone in SC politics knew about it.”

Haley recently questioned former President Donald Trump’s mental fitness to lead the nation while speaking to a Friday-night crowd in New Hampshire. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NH) told a crowd the following night that Haley as a VP candidate with Trump is a “non-starter,” claiming that Haley “has been disloyal to President Trump.”