MSNBC Analyst Believes Former President Trump Will Be Indicted

According to an analyst on MSNBC this week, former President Donald Trump will be indicted. Trump is currently under investigation by the district attorney of Manhattan.

MSNBC guest Neal Katyal said Monday said that the former president is likely to be indicted. He said that “either the D.A. is making his last steps to just wrap up the investigation and close it or that he’s doing it to launch an indictment against Donald Trump and both are certainly possible.”

Katyal said that he believed that “an indictment is more likely to base that on a couple of things,” including discussions with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

The news analyst has no inside information but believed that the Cohen situation may be a sign that the former president will be indicted.

Katyal said that Cohen has visited with prosecutors more than they have met with the former president.

“It’s an extraordinary amount, and now before the grand jury, not just the prosecutors, that’s one sign,” Katyal said. Trump was offered a chance to speak to the grand jury recently.

He said that since the grand jury brought Trump before the grand jury is “something of a sign as well.”

The current Manhattan investigation regarding the former president centers around an alleged affair between Trump and former adult actress Stormy Daniels. Trump firmly denies the allegations.

Daniels alleged that she signed a non-disclosure agreement and allegedly paid her $130,000 regarding the matter.

The latest revelation comes during a special counsel investigation of the former president over Trump’s handling of classified materials.

For many conservative critics, the investigation of Trump is seen as unfair, especially with evidence that President Joe Biden similarly handled classified documents.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed special counsel Jack Smith in 2022 to investigate former President Trump’s use of the classified documents. Garland appointed special counsel Robert Hur to investigate President Biden’s use of documents in his home and the Penn Biden Center.