Far-Left Outlet Expands White Supremacy To Include Asian-Americans

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down affirmative action in college admissions highlighted the disparate acceptance rate at top universities based on race.

At Harvard, for example, Asian applicants were less likely than any other race to be accepted, even when their grades and extracurricular attributes eclipsed White, Black, and Hispanic applicants.

While the Supreme Court ruling ostensibly offers a level playing field for all applicants to earn admission based on their individual merit, many on the left made it clear that they believe Asian-Americans should continue receiving the short end of the stick.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), for example, insisted that the decision “put a giant roadblock in our country’s march toward racial justice” and claimed that minority students will no longer have the same educational opportunities that “their parents and older siblings” had.”

Such remarks seemed to ignore the fact that Asian-Americans are also people of color who have been negatively impacted by the affirmative action status quo.

Further amplifying the tacit argument that Asians are not on equal footing with other minorities is a recent article in The Nation that claims in its headline that conservative Asian-Americans “have become key allies of White supremacy.”

In order to make its belabored argument, the far-left publication cited one of its own prior articles written by political scientist Claire Jean Kim, who argued: “It is the convergence of this nascent, conservative Chinese immigrant nationalism with an older, conservative white nationalism that is driving anti–affirmative action politics today.”

At one point in the piece, author Promise Li even argued that the recent wave of violent attacks against Asian-Americans has driven the race into the arms of White supremacists.

“This disturbing alliance has only grown in strength in recent years, finding a common cause in the safeguarding of capitalism and anti-Blackness,” the author wrote. “The outgrowth of anti-Asian violence has driven some Asian Americans to call for more police funding, directly aligning with right-wing movements. The rise of China in the global sphere has also stoked existing anti-communist sentiment among Chinese, Vietnamese, and other diasporas.”

In furtherance of President Joe Biden’s oft-repeated claim that White supremacy is the biggest threat to America, it appears his acolytes in the media are working feverishly to include other races.