Canadian Police End Meghan Murphy Speech Over Transgender Violence

A Wednesday speech by feminist and parental rights activist Meghan Murphy was shut down by Canadian police after radical transgender protesters stormed the event.

It was led by the 1 Million March 4 Children, but supporters were forced to vacate the premises by law enforcement. This came after the pro-trans forces rushed the stage and disrupted Murphy’s talk.

After the dismantling of the event, Murphy posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “The trans activist terrorists won. They rushed the stage and cops had to shut down the entire event halfway through my speech because it was too dangerous for us to continue.”

The author accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other leaders of supporting hate and putting parents and families in danger. Murphy posted, “Protect women, children and families in Canada!”

One social media user posted a video appearing to show a pro-trans protester rushing the stage. At that point, a police officer began telling an attendee, “Now, I will pull the plug…I will pull the plug…turn it off.”

The user commented that it appeared that the officer “just wanted to stop you all from speaking.”

Wednesday’s incident is far from the first time Murphy has encountered threats from radicals who label her “anti-transgender.” In 2019 she had to be guarded by police while giving a talk in the Toronto Public Library.

Meanwhile, hundreds showed up to protest outside the library. Toronto Mayor John Tory declared he was “disappointed” that Murphy was allowed to speak at the venue.

She is what transgender radicals sometimes describe as a TERF, a “trans-exclusive radical feminist.” Murphy is known for defending the rights of biological women not to have the spaces invaded by males in locker rooms, bathrooms and prisons.

Now police shirked their duty and allowed radical protesters to overrun a peaceful event. The 1 Million March 4 Children was also criticized by Trudeau, who railed against the “hate” of “transphobia, homophobia and biphobia” on the same day the rally was stopped.

Trudeau asserted that the Canadian government “strongly condemn[s] this hate and its manifestations.”

The group advocates against children being indoctrinated into radical gender ideology and other LGBT platforms in public schools.