Biden Will Reportedly Avoid Charges For Mishandling Classified Documents

While former President Donald Trump faces indictments for supposedly mishandling classified documents, President Joe Biden will reportedly face no charges for objectively mishandling classified documents, according to a new report.

Trump is currently facing a legal battle over his retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home, which were kept in a room secured by a lock provided by the FBI. While Trump has some legal standing to argue that he had the right to retain these documents as a former president, Biden was found to be in possession of classified documents from his time as a senator and vice president — when he had no legal standing to take these documents. Biden also kept the classified documents in several locations that were not secure, including in the garage of his Delaware home.

Despite Biden’s clear violation of the law, Special Counsel Robert Hur is reportedly preparing to publish a report that does not include recommendations to charge the president for his actions. Instead of charges, the report will include “harsh criticism” of Biden and his aides for mishandling the documents, according to sources familiar with the situation who spoke with The Wall Street Journal.

The report is expected to be long and will likely be released before the end of the year.
House Republicans are expected to continue investigating Biden’s mishandling of classified documents as part of their impeachment inquiry into the president’s alleged corruption.

Meanwhile, critics took to social media to blast the federal government for the clear “hypocrisy” and “bias” of choosing not to charge Biden.

“Joe Biden is about to get off on the case where he stole classified documents from the Senate and White House as VP. Absolutely ridiculous. Trump had full Presidential immunity to declassify and they charged him while Biden gets off with no crime at all. Absolutely ridiculous. If you’re a Democrat you get away with literal murder and not even be charged!” podcast host Joey Mannarino wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“President Joe Biden is expected to get a slap on the wrist for mishandling classified documents and will not face any charges. Once again, the ‘justice’ system exists to protect the elites and punish those who question their power,” commentator Collin Rugg wrote, adding: “Equal justice under the law doesn’t exist.”

“Biden colluded with Big Tech in 2020. Biden leveraged Ukraine aid to fire the man investigating Burisma. Biden profited off of his son’s shady foreign business dealings. Biden stole classified documents and left them lying around in his garage. No impeachment. No indictments. No grand jury. No mugshot. No arrests. Everything they accuse Trump of doing, Biden did X10 with 0 consequences,” argued popular X account End Wokeness.