Airline Passenger Arrested After Allegedly Putting Officer In Chokehold

A Spirit Airline flight was reportedly canceled and a would-be passenger is facing felony charges in connection with a recent incident at Orlando International Airport.

According to reports, 41-year-old Edward Hariston of Ohio began engaging in a verbal altercation with airline passengers. Police officers were called to the scene to address a large group of upset individuals causing a scene.

As footage uploaded to TikTok shows, one officer appeared to grab Hariston’s arm, resulting in the suspect fighting back and sparking a clash that resulted in both men falling to the floor. At that point, Hariston allegedly put the officer in a chokehold.

“We both fell onto the ground and Hariston put one of his arms around my neck in a chokehold and began to squeeze, restricting my airway, making it unable for me to breathe,” the officer later said of the incident.

Three other cops intervened to restrain the suspect, allowing the officer to escape the situation.

Hariston was promptly arrested and reportedly faces criminal charges including attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, resisting arrest with violence, battery on an officer, and disorderly conduct.

The social media user who uploaded the video wrote, in part: “Never flying with Spirit again.”

Although reports offered few details about the airline’s role, if any, in the incident, plenty of other TikTok users were quick to place blame.

One commenter wrote that Spirit “should be ashamed” of itself while another determined that it is “always something” with the budget carrier.

Neal Davis was in the airport at the time and, although he did not witness the incident involving the officer, indicated that roughly 200 passengers were involved. He said that he was stranded in Florida after inclement weather resulted in a flight cancellation.

“Not only are we out money, we’re out paying an extra night for hotel,” he said.

Nevertheless, Davis said that the frustration did not excuse unlawful behavior.

“To become irrational like that, it’s not right,” he added.

Tina Woodford was also in the area when the melee broke out, explaining: “We did see people get irritated and the workers getting irritated back at them, so I understand. It was just a bad situation.”