Winning: Judge Removes Five Members of School Board for Unconstitutional Mask Mandate

In the beginning of the pandemic, it made sense to err on the side of caution, especially as it relates to the safety of children. No one knew the lethality of COVID-19 with respect to children, so shutting schools down and imposing mask mandates was a defensible position at one point. Two years later, we have enough data to make good decisions, especially regarding the nation’s children.

Deaths from Covid for children are incredibly rare. It is more likely for a child to die in a car accident than from the COVID. With this newfound knowledge, school boards across the nation are relaxing mask mandates. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, have ruled that mask mandates are unconstitutional.

Five members of the Chester County school board fall into this camp by voting to force children to wear masks in violation of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s findings.

Impacted parents filed a petition in court to enforce the Supreme Court’s order. Last week, a Pennsylvania judge ordered the five members to be removed from their positions.

The ruling was a win for parents demanding choice in medical decisions for their children. No one is trying to prevent those who want to put masks on their children from doing so. A problem arises, however, when one group of parents tries to impose their fear on the rest of us.

There are a hundred decisions parents must make on behalf of their children every day. Some work out, some do not. Parents must be allowed the freedom to make those decisions based upon their beliefs and their understanding of their children. The idea that a central authority can make unilateral decisions from on high for everyone is not just wrong, it’s unamerican. The judge’s ruling that removed five school board members in Chester County, Pennsylvania, is a win for all parents.