Why The White House Has A Problem With Kamala Harris

No vice president has taken as much of a beating as Kamala Harris in the last year. Many loathed Dick Cheney, but George W. Bush’s steadfast support. The last time an administration and its vice president disagreed was George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. RedState has detailed the White House’s concerns regarding Harris’ failure to report to work. According to the president’s employees, working with the vice president has been difficult due to her lack of focus. Meanwhile, Harris’ camp argues she was unfairly handled due to her color.

Moreover, “Our democracy” was all she could think of when asked about the greatest foreign danger to American democracy, which Bonchie presumed was a veiled allusion to the events of January 6. Things have deteriorated for Harris since that scuffle in mid-November. As a result of her botched attempt to answer softball questions during an embarrassing interview with an interviewer, Harris gave an interview on Sunday. Just say “Our Democracy,” and you’re done.

She has no idea what she’s doing, and that’s Harris’s main issue currently. It used to be standard to designate vice presidents with more experience than their direct reports. Presidents typically face difficulties they have never encountered before. Therefore they were to act as advisors and sounding boards. Mike Pence, Dick Cheney, and even Joe Biden have more experience than Harris (though Barack Obama treated Biden like an idiot outcast and not a tangible asset). As Attorney General, she failed to represent the rest of the country and became a one-term senator from California.

On the other hand, Harris is a continuously failing student who keeps passing up. Her lack of skill would finally catch up to her. So the White House dislikes President Joe Biden. The problem isn’t racism or “mean girl” dramas. To put it another way, Harris doesn’t even try to improve her skills. She was too lazy and unprepared to accomplish her work correctly.

The fact that so many people have praised and praised her over the years may have contributed to her erroneous belief in her abilities. It doesn’t matter what the cause is. This administration’s three-year term will worsen it. The choice of Harris as Biden’s running mate was made public by Joe Biden, who stated that he did it because of her gender identification. In his current situation, he bears some responsibility.