Why Is It Impossible To Take Kamala Harris Seriously?

Kamala Harris has been accused of taking a freedom memory from Martin Luther King Jr. “She’ll never forget a time in Birmingham when a white cop approached a young black girl. Many times when she has been in difficult situations, the recollection of that young one has come to her and cheered her up,” she remarked.

In the face of attacks on the right to vote, Kamala Harris urged voting rights activists to resist “normalcy” and “complacency.” She said Senators should enact voting rights legislation, which is now stuck in the US Senate. Speaking via live video link to a memorial ceremony at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, Ms. Harris warned of “anti-voter laws.”

Kamala Harris of California, a Democrat, has warned of an “attack on our right to vote” that will affect “every American in every town, from every political party.” She said that if Americans “stand quietly by” in the face of GOP-backed voting suppression measures, the US will “pay the price.”

According to the reports, Kamala Harris has urged the US Senate to adopt the John R. Lewis Freedom to Vote Act. When the Senate returns to session on Tuesday, it will consider a hybrid package of two Democratic-backed proposals. It is unlikely to succeed since the bill does not have the necessary senators to overcome a Republican filibuster.

Kamala Harris, a Democrat, has urged the Senate to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act and send it to President Joe Biden’s desk “immediately.” She claims this is the only meaningful opportunity to restore voting rights since the Supreme Court decimated the law a decade ago.