White House Working to Roll Back Free Speech

There is no denying that free speech rights are under attack in America like never before.

Democrats have started attacking any kind of speech they disagree with by using labels like “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Then, Democrats claim that so-called misinformation and disinformation must be pulled down from the internet for the good of the public.

Americans watched this play out weeks ago when the left tried to get podcaster Joe Rogan canceled and yanked down from streaming platform Spotify. In a terrifying turn, the White House even openly called for Spotify to increase its “action” against Rogan.

This is far from the White House’s only assault against free speech rights, however. According to The Blaze, the Biden administration is working to gut the free speech rights of businesses across the country.

The Latest Move Against the First Amendment

The National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel Jennifer Abruzzo has a troubling plan in store for businesses across the country.

If Abruzzo gets her way, businesses will be banned from holding various meetings, especially meetings that work to persuade employees against joining unions.

This comes as not just an assault against the First Amendment, but also as part of the far-left agenda to force as many Americans as possible into unions.

Of course, Abruzzo is framing this new measure as a way of saving employees from so-called “threats” they may face if they’re considering joining a union.

Unfortunately, this mindset is par for the course for the White House. When Biden was running for office, he claimed he’d be a “pro-union” president; only, Biden’s idea of being “pro-union” is trying to force workers to unionize whether they like it or not.

The White House has previously been supportive of legislation that benefits unions at the expense of contract workers, freelancers, and folks otherwise working in the gig economy.

Only the Beginning

If the National Labor Relations Board is able to get its way and control which meetings businesses hold, the attack on free speech rights won’t end there.

Democrats have consistently come up with various ways to disguise their attacks on free speech rights as well-intentioned means of protecting others.

Nevertheless, every tyrant in history has always convinced themselves that their actions were helping people or otherwise “for the greater good.”

As the White House ups its warfare against the First Amendment, it’s more critical than ever for Americans to be vigilant and stand for the Constitution in its entirety.