‘When Will It Stop?’: Everything Must Be Made About Race By The Left

Doctors are being encouraged by the Biden Administration to blame “differences in health outcomes” on “institutional racism” against minorities and to embrace “value statements” that consider race as a “political” rather than a “physiological” reality. Some diseases (such as sickle-cell anemia and Tay-Sachs disease) have physiological reasons for a person’s race. Perhaps we’re not far off from the day when gimmicky crap like this no longer impresses the voting blocs that the Democrats want to retain in their cage.

Employees who provide various activities and services required for society to function correctly are essential workers. Essential workers are less likely than non-essential workers to have insurance and are more likely to be underinsured. The American Health Insurance and Healthcare Systems need to be radically restructured to achieve fairness for the lowest paid and most vital frontline employees of color.

Racial differences in occupational concentration, employment rates, and compensation reflect racism in the labor market. As of the summer of 2020, Black persons account for around 25% of all COVID-19 infections in Minnesota. Occupational discrimination impacts a family’s wealth and ability to withstand economic shocks.

Job lock may be reduced if work and health insurance were decoupled, allowing people to create their enterprises. Insurance expenditures might be reallocated to employee remuneration by employers. Thirty million Americans were without health insurance totally in the first half of 2020. Uninsured persons are more likely to be black, Latino or Hispanic, and American Indian or Alaska Native.

The Biden-Harris Administration has adopted a groundbreaking approach to racial equality. Every organization strives to address the long-term effects of institutional racism on African-American communities. In only one month, the Obama Administration reduced child poverty by 30.2 percent, lifting more than 1 million Black children out of poverty. Emergency grants, financing, and investment were offered under the American Rescue Plan to hard-hit small businesses, particularly Black enterprises.