When It Comes To Oil, Joe Biden Gives More Mixed Signals

Since taking office, Joe Biden and his colleagues have hindered American energy production, claiming that it is required for their extreme climate change agenda. Joe Biden lied about banning Russian oil during his statements on Tuesday, saying, “It’s just not true that his administration or policies are impeding American energy development.” That is because they do not want to be saddled with the increase in petrol prices and bear the consequences of an angry electorate come November. That’s why they’re also deceiving themselves by labeling it a “Putin price increase,” as if it just started rising after Russia invaded Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Biden met with firms to discuss semiconductors. People are unsure what he’s expressing here, but it’s a confusing mess of words. But they keep slipping the plan that the emphasis is their extreme energy objectives; that is what it is all about.

Moreover, even if people wanted to, they’re nowhere near the transition to electric automobiles. There is no sustainable energy replacement that can match their current demands or the needs of the rest of the world for oil goods. Because it’s delusory and it’s harmful that they’re delusory.

With this remark, others are disrespecting the intellect of the American people. More supply would lower the price. It is fundamental economics. But that’s how they utilize this opportunity to attack the logical solution to go deeper. Listen as Daleep Singh states that even if they drilled as much as possible, the price would not change.

Furthermore, “no amount of home production” will make people energy independent. They must abandon fossil fuels even though, under President Donald Trump, they were on the verge of energy independence and became a net oil exporter. If they consumed all of the oil, the fluctuations in the global market would not affect them. But he’s pushing it because they don’t want independence from fossil fuels. They want to get rid of them.

But they realize they’re doomed if they don’t ramp up output and shift as much responsibility as possible to Russia or the oil business. Betting that most Americans who have been awake for more than three weeks have witnessed the surge directly attributed to Joe Biden.