We’re In The Very Best Of Hands, America!

During a visit to FEMA Headquarters in Washington, DC on Sunday, the President stated that he expects a lot of resources, a lot of luck, and what he calls “the mercy of God and goodwill from the neighbors” to be required to get a lot through this. He also stated that if you’re in the neighborhood, keep an eye out for your neighbors. Afterward, he expressed gratitude to the Commissioner and showed that no one had any questions and that everything appeared to work for him. However, in actuality, the public had several doubts, most notably about the current Afghan conflict.

When asked about the situation in Afghanistan, he stated that he would be unable to answer any questions regarding it at this moment. In addition, when a reporter inquired whether or not there was an acute threat at the airport, President Joe Biden reacted most disrespectfully. He muttered at first, as he often does. Then, with his carefree approach, he just sought to get out of the issue and flee the scene.

Additionally, suppose someone watches the entire video. In that case, one can see that when Biden answered that he would not answer any questions concerning Afghanistan at the moment, he waved his hand dismissively at the reporter, lightly tapped the podium, then turned and walked away.

Ongoing national security and foreign policy catastrophe is something the President does not want to speak about. Therefore he would not even talk about it. This type of behavior from the President of the United States concerns the entire country of America.