We’re Guessing That AOC Doesn’t Realize The Implications Of Her ‘Challenge’ Regarding ‘Black Women & Women Of Color’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t be dumber. At best, AOC’s clothing line is primitive, and her climate change proposals would decimate the middle class while taxing the wealthy. Unless we can run our vehicles and power our homes off of “good vibes,” then we’re all screwed.
AOC continues her tirade of human life by suggesting we should “Hold everyone to the same standards we hold for Black women & women of color,” according to her recent tweet. AOC sent the tweet as a challenge for everyone to consider.

Doesn’t AOC realize that she’s suggesting we should treat everyone as if they aren’t capable of achieving the same things as White Americans? At least that’s the view from the Democrats.

The Democrat party has touted racially-based college admittance and other race-based incentives as some accomplishment, but they don’t realize they contribute to America’s racial problem. Suppose you instill in young Americans that Black Americans and Americans of color can’t achieve the same goals as White Americans. In that case, you’re putting them at a disadvantage from day one, and you’re blaming the same institution you work for. AOC may claim she wants to change, but her entire political career is opposed to stable living. Imagine if American passed the Green New Deal. That would kill the middle and low-class citizen’s ability to economically compete with the wealthy class. Electric bills would go through the roof, and nobody could keep up.

American infrastructure and the entire world are based on oil, coal, and nuclear energy. Some countries don’t have the same commodities that Americans complain about, and renewable energy would destroy any possibility of upward mobility. But I digress.

Black Americans and Americans of color have been discriminated against in the past, and many of the injustices today can be attributed to that. But you have to look at things like generational welfare and other incentives that have held the Black American community back, and you can see a trend from the Democrat party.

Morgan Freeman said it right when he told Mike Wallace, “I’m going to stop calling you a White man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a Black man.” Suppose you want to make waves in the racist culture that the left claims Americans hold near and dear to their heart. You have to stop talking about it. The more its front-page news, the more we see headlines such as “White police officer shoots Black man,” the more the country has a perception that there’s a division of race and the left is the worst.

AOC is contributing to the racial society she claims to be against. Her message to her followers comes with a subliminal message that Black Americans and Americans of color are less than White Americans. Anyone with a reasonable-minded perception of the world knows that’s not true.

Nobody, Black or White, had a problem with former President Donald Trump until he ran as a Republican President. That tells you everything you need to know about America’s Democratic Party. Everyone’s perception becomes everyone’s reality as a result of their perception. It is reintroducing segregation into America, and only the Democratic Party is to blame.