Wealthy Disney Heiress Calls Great-Uncle Walt A ‘Rabid Fascist’

An heiress of the vast Disney fortune said during an interview last week that her great-uncle Walt Disney “bordered on rabid fascism,” claiming he promoted racism and anti-Semitism when he ran the company he built into an international media giant.

Abigail Disney, 62, hammered the man who founded the Walt Disney Company with her grandfather Roy O. Disney during an appearance on the “WTF” podcast hosted by Marc Maron.

Abigail is a political activist and film producer who was appearing on the podcast to promote her new documentary that takes direct aim at the company that paved her easy path in life. It is titled “The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales.”

She told Maron that her great-uncle Walt was a “chaotic genius.” However, she said that he and her grandfather used prejudices to make their fortunes. Abigail said, “They weren’t shy about delving into the stereotypes if it served them.”

As an example, she pointed out the wolf characterized in “The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf” as an obvious “Jewish peddler.” She also cited the name of one of the crows in the film “Dumbo” whose name was Jim, as in “Jim Crow.”

Walt Disney was not isolated from controversy during his lifetime. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) spoke out against Disney in 1946 for his production of “Song of the South,” which was set in the American South during Reconstruction.

Abigail, who was not alive at the time the movie was made, said that the NAACP sent representatives to the Disney studios in 1946 to plead with Walt Disney to “please don’t do it this way.” She said that her family members went ahead with the production in spite of the NAACP’s requests.

Maron prompted Abigail by saying: “In some enclosed way, Disney is an American fascist fantasy.” She responded by agreeing and said that even though her family members were “men of their time, that’s no excuse.” She added, “They knew.”

The Disney company has done its best to revise its historical content in recent years to remove any material that might offend “woke” sensibilities. It has removed several scenes from “Song of the South” and taken its “Jungle Cruise” out of service so that it can remove what it said were “negative stereotypes.”

Abigail went on to air her family’s dirty laundry regarding addiction. She said, “Drugs happened to all of us.” She said that it is “much harder to get sober” when you are rich.

She momentarily retreated from that statement, adding that addiction is also difficult for the “abjectly poor.” But she then went on to say that addiction is harder when “you’re trapped in a family” that you can’t leave because “you rely on it for money.”

Maron then asked her if she was now sober, and she paused before saying, “I’m complicated, I’ll just say that.”