‘We Aren’t Able To Keep Track Of Them’: Texas AG Responds On A Migrant Caravan Reaching Border

On Sunday’s Fox News Live, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had a forthright response to another caravan heading for the southern border. He mentioned that the local governments could not keep track of the illegal immigrants crossing through the Southern Border. More than 150 immigrants have been recorded to cross the incomplete border illegally into the US territory.

He mentioned that such a mass migration by all the different countries would prove disastrous for the entire country. These people are moved across secretly, in the dark of the night through busses or by air, and some of them have Covid, and some are runaway druggies, caught up in some criminal act and escaping into the US. They are all potential killers and could be terrorists. For all we know, they could spread all over the American states and settle there with the local governments unable to keep track of the numbers or stop them from increasing.

Despite the Administration’s claims about taking harsh measures, they claim to be unable to keep track of the numbers. At this point, it seems it’s all part of the plan, letting people inside without a record and letting them settle, and allowing them voting rights for the upcoming midterms. All these immigrants will be seen voting next year, perhaps for the Democrats, in return for allowing them into the country.

Paxton criticized Biden’s inaction on the entire show’s issue and the lack of clarification from the Administration throughout the border crisis. Ordering the halt of the border wall was a clear indication of Biden’s intentions towards the border.