Watch Gavin Newsom Get “Shredded” On Live Tv By Leo Terrell In Epic Rant

After Gavin Newsom “expresses himself” in a rage against reporters and people outside of California, he shows us exactly how “in charge” he is. Newsom is on the edge of being recalled, with nearly half of eligible voters thinking he should be removed. He can’t keep it together much longer, and the White House is pushing for him.

You can’t hide pride and frustration when things don’t go your way. If politicians were as humble as they should be, they would gladly remove themselves from power if their whole state wanted them gone. But of course, we don’t live in a world with humble politicians. They love power and rarely give it up willingly.

Newsom can’t even put himself on the ballot as a Democrat because his campaign manager didn’t complete paperwork on time. The best part about it is Newsom was the Governor who put the rule into law.

Politicians aren’t used to “we the people,” giving them orders and controlling their states. The recall came after citizens of the state were upset about how Newsom handled himself during the Covid-19 lockdown and his policies about combating crime. Defunding the Police and other Democrat terms have been their downfall. Recently they’ve tried to blame the Republicans for defunding the police but have backed off of that because they know it’s not true, and nobody believes them.

Newsome says he has great pride in California, but he has great pride in his paycheck. Nesom and his wife are millionaires and recently sold their home for $3.7 million. Newsom has banked all of his fame and fortune on his political career, but that’s coming to an end. Hopefully, he’ll put his home up for sale and move again and never come back.

Leo Terrell, talk show host, and civil rights attorney, spoke to Sean Hannity on Fox News, saying that Newsom is too radical for Democrats in California and pointed out that Democrats and Republicans want Newsom out of office. Newsom is just now realizing it. The truth comes out eventually and how you handle the fact determines your path forward. Newsom is sitting back and hoping that Vice President Kamala Harris will campaign for him and give him a better opportunity to keep his position, but it’s unlikely that will happen.

When Americans feel backed into a corner, they feel like they are losing their freedom. When that happens, they tend to vote Republican in every election cycle to get their rights and privileges back, and you’re about to see it take place in California. Not only California, but in the 2022 mid-term election, we’ll probably see a massive switch in the pendulum of the political sphere.

Stay informed and stay vigilant. It’s essential to hold our political leaders accountable for their actions. If a politician needs to be recalled or impeached, those actions must be taken. It strengthens America’s trust in the governmental process.