Washington Post Columnist: Biden Needs To Make ‘Competence’ Message ‘Believable’

Since day one, Biden has boasted of his administration’s competence and has been criticized tremendously for not meeting up to the standards. The Washington Post Columnist David Ignatius stated on Monday that Biden would have to do a lot more to make his administration’s praises of competence more believable.

He was referring to yet another poorly handled international relations with its European Ally, France. France recently recalled its Ambassador from the United States after a deal between the US and the United Kingdom to collectively supply nuclear-powered submarines to Australia. France made a move in protest of the deal between the US and the UK, calling it a stab in the back from the US as it replaced the previous arrangement between France and Australia, which was worth billions of dollars.

According to Ignatius, Biden needs to play more cleverly to retain the ‘competent’ image in the international community’s eyes, especially after the US drone strike in Kabul that accidentally killed ten civilians. The incident is not a good look at the Biden Administration and ultimately undermines its message of competency. Ignatius also mentioned Biden himself is responsible for such mistakes. To correct his actions, he must focus on making up for his past mess-ups and eradicating Covid. 

But as Biden is seen leaving the White House for another vacation to Delaware, his motivation to make things right is crystal clear. He left for his vacation on Friday before the news broke of the recall of the French Ambassador. Now the world awaits his next move if he cares enough to mend his relations with the French or abandon another ally like the carefree and arrogant leader he is.