Warren’s Campaign For Student Loan Forgiveness is Failing

As the midterm elections get closer, the Democrat Party is truly beating the drum of student loan “forgiveness.” Democrats are doing this in desperation to eke out a partisan win and hopefully avoid losing their majorities in Congress to Republicans.

If student loan debt is “forgiven,” it will be redistributed among American taxpayers. This means that people will see their living costs get higher, due to loans they never agreed to take out. Inflation will also skyrocket and potentially take the United States into a recession.

Despite how much damage student loan forgiveness would inflict, Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) are still pushing for it. According to The Blaze, this isn’t panning out so well for Warren.

Not a Good Look For the Democrat Party
Days ago, Warren went on The View to make her case for why people should be absolved of the student loans they agreed to borrow. However, during this time, View co-host Lindsey Granger asked how people like her who paid off their student loans can be reimbursed.

Of course, the Democratic senator could not give a clear answer. Warren actually pivoted away from the question, stating that four in ten student loan carriers don’t even have a diploma to show for it.

In essence, Warren laid out all these reasons why she believes everyday taxpayers should foot the bill for other folks’ student loans. The congresswoman then went on to say that student loan debt is about “fairness.”

This is ironic, given the inherently unfair nature of some people getting a free ride on the student loans they agreed to pay back, whereas other borrowers did the right thing with repayments.

Warren’s inability to answer Granger’s question is a poor reflection on the Democrat Party at large. This is also not the first time the senator has been asked about how people who actually paid off their student loans should be treated.

The Only Two Solutions to Student Loan Debt
First and foremost, people who agreed to take out loans from the government need to pay the government back. Repayment terms were not sprung on them in the 11th hour. Borrowers knew exactly what they were signing up for when they took out the money.

A long-term solution for ending student loan debt would be cracking down on colleges and universities charging an arm and a leg when they know young people can’t afford it.

This is a point that’s been brought up by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). Yet, for all of Democrats’ talk about the unfairness of student loans, they’ve made no mention of holding colleges and universities to task over their rates.