Warnock’s Ex-Wife Seeks Court-Ordered Sworn Deposition

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) has more than just his December 6 runoff to keep his Senate seat against Republican Herschel Walker on his mind. His ex-wife has petitioned a court to bring the senator in for a deposition before her attorneys as part of their ongoing child custody contest.

Warnock’s ex-wife, Oulèye Ndoye, filed the court notice last week, marking the first activity in the case since August when the judge in the case entered a sealed temporary custody order. The filing of that order indicated that the parties had not been able to resolve the dispute out of court with the assistance of a mediator.

In previous filings, Ndoye has accused Warnock of neglecting the couple’s children on days when he had been awarded custody and leaving her and the kids in financial trouble by ignoring his ordered obligation to pay childcare expenses.

Ndoye’s attorneys are asking for the deposition in order to obtain sworn testimony from Warnock in the case. The testimony would be given in a closed-door session before a court reporter and would be used to gather evidence for use in further settlement negotiations or in later hearings before the judge in open court.

Warnock was notified that he is expected to appear to answer questions under oath on January 18, 2023. In the event Warnock is reelected on December 6, he would be sworn in for another Senate term on January 3.

Warnock’s divorce and custody battle has been an issue for him in this year’s election cycle. One GOP ad on behalf of Waker included a police camera video of Ndoye accusing Warnock of running over her with his Tesla vehicle. Warnock has denied that he struck Ndoye with his car.

Last week’s court filing could bring the custody matter back into the public spotlight before next month’s runoff election. Warnock and Ndoye have been back in court since February when she filed a petition to ask the court to revise their previous child custody agreement.

Ndoye’s petition asks for permission from the court to relocate the couple’s two young children with her to Massachusetts while she attends a program at Harvard University. She also seeks additional financial support from Warnock for the children.

Court filings and Warnock’s Congressional financial disclosures indicate that his income has more than doubled since he joined the Senate. Most of his additional income comes from new book contracts and Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he acts as senior pastor and CEO. The church pays him a $7,400 per month tax-free housing allowance.

Warnock and Ndoye were married for four years before splitting up in 2020.