Vulnerable Americans Are Struggling With Biden in Office

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden insisted he would “build back better.” The then-candidate made a series of promises about unity and a better country that simply haven’t panned out.

In fact, much of everyday life has worsened since Biden got into office. For one thing, more illegal crossings are occurring at the nation’s southern border. Then, there are the documented increases in gas prices and interest rates.

Biden and his allies have consistently said he’s a defender of “the little guy” and everyday Americans. Yet, ironically, these are the people who are suffering the most, due to the events and policies happening on Biden’s watch.

A Tough Time For Vulnerable People in America
Low-income folks across the country are being hit hard by high prices and low supplies of necessary materials, like tampons and baby formula.

To make matters even worse, many low-income Americans are also stuck in jobs that have little room for significant wage growth; this makes them especially vulnerable to policies like interest rate hikes and growing inflation.

At this point, it’s been confirmed that the Biden White House was well aware of the baby formula shortage before it spiraled out of control. Yet, for reasons that remain a mystery, this knowledge didn’t prompt immediate action from the administration.

Many low-income women across America are reportedly using cardboard as a replacement for tampons. Meanwhile, as food prices increase, parents with limited resources have started rationing the amounts of food they give to their kids each day.

These issues persist continuously with Biden in office. At this point, there’s no telling when shortages in supplies and upticks in prices will finally cool down.

Empty Rhetoric From the Biden Administration
During multiple media conferences, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has spoken about the very real difficulties facing Americans. Although, what she’s actually saying isn’t quite linked with reality.

For one thing, the press secretary argues the economy today is better than before and undergoing a comeback from COVID.

Americans who are going deeper into debt, struggling to make ends meet, and finding themselves unable to buy products they need would likely disagree with Jean-Pierre.

On the baby formula shortage, Jean-Pierre says the Biden administration has employed all avenues to get this material on store shelves again. Yet, to this day, shortages of baby formula are still a factor.

As it turns out, the current situations under the White House are not what most folks consider “building back better.”