Viral Video Sparks Community Action And Arrest In LA Dog Abuse Case

A shocking video of a man throwing a puppy down three flights of stairs in Koreatown has led to his arrest, thanks to the persistent efforts of Los Angeles resident Dione Michael. The incident, caught on a Ring doorbell camera and shared widely on social media, galvanized the community to demand justice for the abused animal.

The video showed a man violently tossing a puppy down the stairs, with neighbors reporting multiple instances of such abuse. Despite initial police efforts to address the situation, the suspect remained at large after not responding to their attempts to contact him.

Moved by the video shared by the Kris Kelly Foundation, Michael took decisive action. She visited the apartment building, spoke to residents and the apartment manager, and used social media to urge others to join her in pressing the LAPD to arrest the suspect.

Community pressure led to the arrest of 27-year-old Joeboury Coleman, who was found hiding in an alley near the apartments. Social media posts documented the arrest and the removal of the dog from the abusive environment. The LAPD reported that the seven-month-old puppy was severely malnourished and had a broken leg, requiring immediate medical care and potential surgery.

Coleman was booked for felony animal cruelty but was released on zero-dollar bail, sparking further outrage among those who demanded justice for the abused dog. LAPD Capt. Lillian Carranza confirmed the details of the incident and the dog’s condition.

Michael emphasized the importance of community action, saying, “If one person calls, nothing happens. When we all get together and make the noise loud, they at least have to start reacting!” She praised the collective efforts of the online community, describing them as an “army for animals” dedicated to preventing abuse and ensuring perpetrators are held accountable.