Video Shows CRT Spreading Into Red States

Critical Race Theory (CRT.) is one of the most divisive and insidious forms of propaganda in our nation today. While we may expect it to be taught in deep blue cities and states, there’s evidence that it’s taken hold even in traditionally Republican locations.

Unfortunately, Critical Race Theory has made it deep into Utah. A series of hidden videos by Accuracy in Media showed it being taught in Utah despite being banned in the state, it is still happening.

The video shows just how much work we have cut out for us. If the Marxist theories of Critical Race Theory can take hold in a deep red state such as Utah, then it can spread anywhere.

The massive increase of left-wing agitprop in our educational system has consequences. Democrats’ allies have had the lion’s share of influence in academia for years, but things took a turn for the worse in 2020.

After the death of George Floyd, the left saw a major opportunity. The riots of 2020 had a deep and profound effect on our nation as everything was now seen through a racial lens. Some of the racial coursework is being actively marketed to schools— even where it’s banned.

There is a pushback against the radical nature of these Woke theories. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in 2022.

The bans on C.R.T. also demonstrate that there is more work to be done. Some teachers and administrators still push these disproven theories. It’s hard to police each and every classroom in each lesson.

This shows just how deep the rot of left-wing thinking has made it in our children’s education. Theories that would have been college courses are now common in elementary and high schools.

Florida has led the way in restricting such racial theories. Perhaps these efforts could be used by other states to prevent the poisoning of our children’s minds. This model might be necessary to save our nation’s educational system.