Video: Gun Battle Breaks Out In Downtown Portland Antifa Protest

Chicago isn’t the only major city in the United States that’s utterly out of control. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have made chaos a standard and given the citizens of the United States a run for their money.

Chicago is known for its gun violence on the streets, and it has become an everyday occurrence in the city. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ignores the problem and says the violence is decreasing. She’s wrong.

In Portland, it seems that a trend is developing for gun violence in the street. Protests plagued the city throughout 2020 and have followed into 2021. It’s a severe problem and hasn’t subsided in a year and a half since the Black Lives Matter protests began when George Floyd died during an altercation with police.

Gunfire rang out in the streets when a man, said to be a member of the Proud Boys and another man, said to be a member of Antifa, shot at each other. It’s unconfirmed if either man is associated with the groups.

According to the Portland Police Department, Dennis G. Anderson was fleeing a man chasing him, and both fired at each other. Andreson is from Gresham, which is approximately 30 minutes outside of town. The other gunman is still on the loose, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Visit the App Store and download P3 Tips to submit secure and anonymous tips. Online at, call 503-823-3333 to notify the Portland, OR Police Department, or email [email protected] to provide information or video footage of the incident.

Portland Police Department has lost hundreds of officers, and it took Officers several minutes to respond to the scene of gunfire. With the police department’s recent events and politically motivated policies and actions, it’s not a surprise that many have left, and it’s suspected more will go.

Twitter videos show the incident take place: