‘Very Bad Theater’: President Biden’s Mask ‘Science’ Called Into Question Yet Again

After a reporter inquired about President Biden’s violation of DC’s indoor mask regulation, the White House press secretary advised him not to “overly focus on moments in time.” It happened after the president was spotted without a mask in a DC restaurant. President Joe Biden was caught on camera today inventing his kind of “science.”

According to the CDC, all passengers and personnel on flights, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-share vehicles should wear masks. “Wearing masks is a scientific need, not a political statement,” Biden added.

If elected, Biden has promised to “follow the science” but failed to keep his promises as president. The White House chastised the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over the winter. Then there was the Administration’s abrupt U-turn on mask recommendations in May, which was chastised for thinking that unvaccinated Americans would continue to hide their faces. The Administration’s recent support of “booster” vaccination doses, which many experts argue was based on inadequate data, was arguably the most stunning.

According to the reports, many health specialists had thought that Joe Biden’s presidency would usher in a new era of pandemic preparedness based on science. Instead, others have questioned if he has kept his promise to follow science because of some of his scientific blunders. “In most cases, you set out the data first and then explain how the evidence supports the judgment.”

Moreover, officials in the Biden administration have disputed the concept that the president’s approach to the HPV vaccination debate was data-driven. “He’s been emphatic,” says Fauci. The plan to provide Americans with a third “booster” vaccination dosage has sparked outrage.

The Director of the CDC stated in April that “vaccinated persons do not transmit the virus.” Scientists reacted angrily to the suggestion, claiming that it was too early to say. Then, in May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued updated mask guidelines for vaccinated Americans.