Vermont School Suspends Student and Fires Her Coach Father Over Objections To Man In Women’s Locker Room

Is calling a boy male now considered to be ‘harassment’ in the public education system? Apparently, it is to Vermont’s Randolph Union High School (RUHS), which just suspended a 14-year-old high school student and fired her father, who coaches the girl’s soccer team, after they both complained about the school allowing males to enter the girls’ locker room.

Rather than siding with the girl or her father on the discomfort that such a policy brings to women who are forced to change in a locker room that allows the presence of males, the school launched an investigation into whether or not the so-called ‘transgender’ student was harassed.

The student, Blake Allen, spoke out against the actions of her school district.

“I feel like for stating my opinion–that I don’t want a biological man changing with me–that I should not have harassment charges or bullying charges,” she said to local news station WCAX earlier this month. “They should all be dropped.”

Blake’s suspension was shortly followed by her father being fired from his coaching job at the school without pay.

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“I was in the locker room and the trans student walked in, and there was the rest of the team was in there,” Blake said Thursday when she appeared on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight. “I was really uncomfortable and I left, and I told the school and they just shut me down and said there was nothing they could do.”

“I was later suspended because I voiced my opinion that a man shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room,” she explained. “Then, when we filed a lawsuit, they dropped the suspension.”

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“I think they were mad that I was telling people how I thought it was wrong and that men shouldn’t be allowed to be with us in the locker room,” she said.

Blake said that her fellow students have supported her stand against allowing the trans student into the locker room, but most are “too scared to speak up.”

“A lot of my classmates were supportive,” she said. “I think most people and the school are, they are just too scared to speak up because they see all the backlash I’m getting for it.”

The 14-year-old high school student stood strong against the radical policy, telling Tucker Carlson, “I would rather have a five-day suspension than have to apologize because I’m not sorry.”

Travis Allen, the father of Blake, explained that he made a social media post referring to the male student as a male. He was consequently fired from his coaching job.

Upon being asked if his daughter’s suspension was protested by anyone, Travis stated, “None of the other school members did. Other community members have privately.”