Vandals Rip Flags Memorializing 13 US Troops Killed In Kabul Attack

On August 29th, a suicide bombing outside Kabul airport killed 13 US soldiers. ISIS-K was responsible for the bombing in which eleven Marines, one Navy sailor, and one Army Soldier were martyred, just a day before the deadline for the complete withdrawal of the US troops.

The martyred were honored with flags displayed in California in the US, but an unidentified mob vandalized the memorial. A passerby on IVY Street discovered the damages done to the memorial flags, who quickly notified the authorities. The pictures of the vandalized site were posted on social media by a group called “What is going on in Riverside county” and were thanked by the police for bringing the matter to their attention.

It was evident that the damages were intentional, but nobody could be identified as the possible suspect. After all, who would have anything against the martyrs who gave their lives in the line of duty, that too in a foreign county? The soldiers lost their lives trying to get American citizens and allies inside the airport for evacuation and security. But unfortunately, the suicide attack claimed their lives, leaving behind 13 families mourning for the loss of their loved ones. It was indeed a significant loss for the nation, and they were significantly honored. To think that someone damaged the memorial flags for the nation’s fallen is very saddening news. They ripped the Flags and disrespected the sacrifice those soldiers had made for the country.

The suicide bombing killing those 13 soldiers added to an existing lot of Biden’s failures as he got the blood of 13 more US soldiers on his hands as an aftermath of his ill-planned withdrawal decision. And now, the mysterious vandalism caused to the memorial paid to the martyrs is all the more concerning.