Vandals Hit GOP Office In Central Florida

Just earlier this month, Joe Biden accused Trump supporters of being “semi-fascists” who he doesn’t respect and deems to be at odds with democracy.

Biden made these comments less than two years after his inaugural address that mentioned a need for unity and turning down heated political temperatures.

In the wake of this rhetoric, both the White House and the Democratic National Committee backed the president. They argued he was simply stating the facts and calling the GOP what it is.

Unfortunately, there are consequences when the president trashes the half of the nation that didn’t vote for him. One GOP office in Seminole County has been vandalized not even weeks after Biden’s aggressive stance against Trump supporters.

An Ode to Biden’s Divisiveness?
This week, the Seminole County Republican Party’s office was left with a message reading, “eat s—, fascists.” This came along with superglue that was placed on the front door of the office.

The worth of damages done comes out to about $700. Unfortunately, there is no video footage to catch the individuals responsible for this crime, since only the inside of the Seminole County GOP’s office has cameras.

Following this incident, Republicans haven’t hesitated to call out the link between Biden’s comments earlier this month and the message left on the office of the Seminole County GOP.

While what happened in Central Florida made national news, the White House remains conveniently silent.

Mild Pushback From the Mainstream Media
In a surprising turn, Republicans and conservatives haven’t been the only ones to push back on the rhetoric from Biden that inspired this latest attack.

Various Democrats, ranging from Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist to DNC chairman Jamie Harrison, have been asked by the media whether they believe these comments from Biden are appropriate.

Meanwhile, CNN (which is currently being rebranded by new leadership) directly came out and said Biden’s comments were not appropriate for someone holding his office.

NBC also openly declared that Biden deeming Republicans as “semi-fascist” is “problematic,” since he ran on uniting the nation.

Many Americans are now waiting to see if more political attacks against the GOP occur in the wake of Biden’s rhetoric.