USAF Uncovers Leaker Of GOP Candidate’s Personnel Records

According to reports, the Air Force has found the person responsible for illegally leaking the personnel records of Indiana Republican House candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green.

In a joint statement from GOP Reps. Jim Banks and Larry Bucshon revealed a discussion with Air Force Inspector General Lt. Gen. Stephen Davis. He declared the military branch took full responsibility for “improperly releasing” Lt. Col. Green’s records.

The files were egregiously leaked to an opposition research group, the statement noted, just weeks ahead of the November midterm elections.

The congressmen confirmed that there is now an investigation into whether the guilty party “had a political or financial motive” and if they acted alone in releasing the records.

The personnel records were published by Politico, which initially claimed to have received them from a “public records request.” Now that it is officially confirmed that they were instead obtained from an opposition research firm, there’s likely to be some explaining to do.

The records, it must be acknowledged, included allegations of sexual assault.

Christina Pushaw, the political aide to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, pointed out that opposition research groups routinely do public records requests. The goal is to get information on opponents and pass it along to media allies.

Pushaw added that “the big red flag here” is an account of sexual assault in the military is not subject to becoming public record merely in response to a records request.

Just weeks ago Politico reporter Adam Wren wrote a profile of Green’s career that included details from confidential personnel records. The reporter claimed that the request was made by a person “outside” of her Democratic opponent’s campaign.

The article included specific details of an alleged assault by an Iraqi serviceman while Green and a group of officers were at the national training center.

As the congressmen stated, the Air Force inserted confidential information into a competitive House race shortly before the election. Before Nov. 8, it is critical that the Air Force reveal any information it possesses on links between the Democratic candidate and the opposition research firm.