US Destroyer Downs Aerial Threat In Red Sea

A U.S. Navy destroyer, The Thomas Hudner, shot down a Yemeni drone in the Red Sea on November 15, and it is the second time in the last month where American warships have been compelled to repel threats from Yemen.

The Navy Times stated that the Hudner was operating in international waters when it happened to come upon a drone. The Pentagon has confirmed that the ship has engaged the drone that originated from Yemen and was headed towards the ship and the crew took action to defend themselves by shooting down the drone.

There are no reported casualties or damage to the ship during the operation. The threat against The Thomas Hudner resembles another defensive maneuver made in October 2023 when the Navy intercepted and shot down three cruise missiles and a set of drones originating from Yemen.

These threats were ultimately neutralized by the USS Carney, which was active in the Red Sea.

Brigadier General Patrick Ryder commented on the October incident saying, “We don’t know what these missiles and drones were targeting because they were launched from Yemen and moved north along the Red Sea possibly towards targets in Israel.”

He mentioned the tensions in the region and that the drones and missiles were launched by Houthi forces, a Yemeni group historically supported by Hezbollah and Iran. Due to the rising number of these incidents, American authorities warned the Iran-sponsored forces not to aggravate the ongoing conflict.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin re-emphasized the commitment “to deter any state or non-state actor seeking to escalate this conflict.” He guaranteed that the U.S. will continue to address threats to the safety of its personnel and assets in the region.

As the tensions linger, the U.S. tries to strike a balance between ensuring security and preventing further conflict. These incidents underscore the challenges of regional politics and the proactive actions necessary to protect America and its personnel in a landscape wrought with war and uncertainty.