Unanswered Arizona Election Questions Await Audit Results

At CPAC this past weekend, President Trump asked any Americans still in doubt about how the 2020 election was handled to read a now-viral Twitter thread laying out what his supporters have known for months. Namely, the carefully constructed narrative presented by the corporate media likely has little to do with reality.

Meanwhile, most of the essential questions in places like Arizona are not only not being answered. They aren’t even being asked. RedState reviewed some of the most critical unusual observations about the last presidential election there as the formal audit works its way toward a conclusion.

There were abnormal ballot dumps that have not yet been explained. Just after elections ended on the night of the elections, two large batches of votes collapsed, and over 2 million votes fell.

The vote dumps totaled more than the total number of votes cast in Maricopa County. Joe Biden received more votes from the dumped ballots than his total number of votes in Maricopa County. No one has yet explained why a large number of votes were taken and cast at once.

Observers are hopeful that the audit will provide information about router hardware and passwords that have been withheld in Maricopa County. To date, no public reason has been provided as to why the turnover of electronic accounting information has not been previously offered.

Comparisons of the results of the 2016 election with the 2020 election bring up more questions. There is an unexplained drop in minor party ballots of over 106,000. Over 628,000 more absentee and early votes were counted than were reported as received. Maricopa County somehow had no write-in votes counted out of more than 3 million total ballots.

Maricopa County last voted in favor of a Democratic presidential candidate in 1948 before 2020, and President Trump received 248,000 more votes last year there than in 2016. Biden beat Clinton’s total, thereby more than 338,000, to barely win the county.

The audit has, by all appearances, been conducted competently and with a high level of security against leaks. The best the public can do is remain patient, and hope for the mainstream media’s accountability has seemed so disinterested.