UK Labour Party Leaders Demand Stricter Regulations On ‘Online Hate’

Deputy Leader Angela Rayner and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have publicly endorsed stricter regulations on “online hate” if the Labour party defeats the Conservative party in the next election.

The comments came at the annual Labour Party conference this past weekend.

“They’ve tried to self-regulate. They’ve not been able to do it. It’s time for us to legislate,” stated Rayner. “We need to find a way for these organizations to accept responsibility for that space.”

Khan reiterated Rayner’s sentiments during his speech.

“In the absence of them regulating themselves, the government has got to regulate companies like Facebook and Twitter,” posited Khan. “That’s why the online harms bills is so important.

“Hate has been monetized,” he added.

The Labour party is pushing stricter measures despite the fact that almost 3,400 people were arrested in 2017 alone for violating online hate speech laws.

“What Twitter and others have got to be doing is investing in algorithms or staff to take this stuff down as soon as it goes up, and especially once it’s reported,” continued Khan. “If I was breaching copyright with a song someone else had written, it would be taken down straight away.”

By way of example, Khan stated that his office had reached out to Twitter to report 100 of the most offensive posts about him, and Twitter only took down four of the posts.

The Online Safety Bill and the Digital Markets Bill currently sit before the Parliament, which is controlled by Conservatives. The Online Safety Bill would reportedly enable the government to jail “trolls,” spreaders of “disinformation,” and anyone else who uses the internet to inflict “psychological harm” on others.

Conservatives are threatening to take the legislation of online speech in a different direction entirely. One bill being discussed would allow the government to prevent technology companies from banning citizens for their political points of view.