UK Health Agency ‘Closely’ Monitoring Nipah Virus In India

A health agency based in the U.K. is now actively monitoring the recent outbreak of the Nipah virus in India, which has a mortality rate of 75%, according to the Blaze.

The Daily Mail reported that the recent increase in cases of Nipah has killed two individuals in the southern state of Kerala.

The virus presumably inspired the Hollywood film, “Contagion,” which tells the story of American citizens in the midst of a pandemic as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rushes to find a cure. Interestingly, the movie resembles life during COVID-19. It was released in 2011.

To date, five other cases of the Nipah virus have been detected, including a child of one of the victims. The Daily Mail’s report revealed that 800 people have tested positive for the virus so far, prompting the U.K. Health Security Agency to “closely” monitor the outbreak.
On X, formerly known as Twitter, some users included statistics concerning the deadly virus.

“Reports are emerging from India of a highly dangerous Virus with a kill rate of 75% which is far deadlier than anything previously seen. #NipahVirus is spread by fruit bats, who can transmit the virus to people via contact with infected bodily fluids like saliva or urine left on fruit,” X account Alert Channel wrote.

The Nipah virus has led states across India to be locked down. The illness is contagious and spreads fairly easily, whether by sneezing or coughing around people. The virus can be deadly by causing respiratory issues and brain swelling.

Currently, there are no successful vaccines to combat the virus. The only treatment is helping patients survive the symptoms while allowing their bodies to fight off the illness.
A spokesperson for the U.K. health agency said, “UKHSA’s emerging infections and zoonoses team continue to monitor the Nipah outbreak closely through our epidemic intelligence processes.”

“Nipah virus has not been detected in the UK and the risk of importation into the UK is very low,” the spokesperson added.

University of Oxford Professor Miles Carroll, an expert in the field of pandemic sciences, said, “To date, there have been five confirmed cases and two deaths reported, with many of those affected being family members of the first patient.”

“Scientists here in Oxford are working with local partners in endemic countries to find out more about Nipah so we can ensure the world is better protected from outbreaks of this kind,” Carroll added.