Uber is Facing Serious Legal Problems After Going Woke

Time and time again, large companies have been advised against embracing woke politics as a means of appeasing left-wingers.

For one thing, when companies do this, they are automatically alienating their customers who do not have left-of-center politics. Secondly, no matter how woke companies try to be, there will always be some folks further to the left who say they haven’t gone far enough.

Disney is learning this the hard way. Since Disney attacked and smeared Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, the state revoked its special privileges regarding business operations. On top of this, shareholders of Disney have told the company to knock it off with the political grandstanding.

Sadly, other companies still have yet to learn. According to Washington Free Beacon, Uber’s decision to go woke within the past couple of years is going to cost them big time.

A Deep Dive Into Uber’s Legal Problems

Back in 2020, when the George Floyd riots were taking place, rideshare company Uber decided to cancel delivery fees for only black-owned restaurants. This decision then led to tens of thousands of legal claims, accusing the company of breaching civil rights laws.

According to a New York Court of Appeals, Uber will have to pay the American Arbitration Association, which may possibly shake out to the tune of $91 million.

Of course, Uber’s version of events is that it’s being unfairly punished and maligned for showing support to Black Lives Matter. In actuality, though, the rideshare company did cross a line when it only waived delivery fees for restaurants with black owners.

Uber should have known better, seeing as race-based discrimination in this country is prohibited by federal law. Furthermore, if Uber really felt so compelled to show support for Black Lives Matter, the company could have done so in a way that didn’t involve breaking civil rights laws.

The New York Court of Appeals has made it clear that Uber does bear responsibility and won’t be let off the hook.

The Moral of the Story

There is absolutely nothing about Uber’s business model that makes it political. The job of the rideshare company is to help people get to and from their designated locations, not make political statements.
“Go woke, go broke” is a phrase that’s been circulating lately. Between the fallout at Disney, and now with Uber, “go woke, go broke” is proving to be more true than ever.

Hopefully, Uber will learn a lesson from all this, along with other companies that may be considering woke politics.