U.S. Embassy In Kabul Begins Destroying Documents In Anticipation Of Withdrawal

After the Taliban’s take over of much of the Afghani land and the recent occupation of the cities of Herat and Kandahar, it was reported that it wouldn’t be long before they advance towards Kabul, in which case the U.S. embassy and the diplomats will be under grave threat.

The U.S. troops left in the country are around 650 and 1500 diplomats, for which President Biden has sent additional 3000 troops to ensure their safe withdrawal and evacuation. Military material worth billions of dollars, which the Taliban may use to seize power in Afghanistan. They had no choice except to abandon it. President Biden, who boasted about the potential of the Afghan forces and their capacity to prevent any attack, was immediately defeated by the first attack of the Taliban. They ultimately backed out and surrendered their arms, which only added to the Taliban’s power take over.

Foreseeing the rapid advances of the Taliban towards the Capital city of Kabul, Biden went through crushing pressure to have the diplomats in the U.S. Embassy of Afghanistan safely evacuated. In the meantime, the employees at the embassy were ordered to destroy all sorts of sensitive documents that may be misused. They used burners and crushers to eliminate all kinds of top-secret documentation before any Taliban could lay their hands on it. They were even ordered to destroy the U.S. flags in the embassy to avoid any propaganda from forming.

Biden’s comments about the capability of the Afghani forces trained by the U.S. forces deployed there have become a laughing stock and an embarrassment for the President. The entire Taliban occupation has the world questioning Biden as to what America achieved from the 20-year long fight against terrorism. Even the afghani state representatives and military leaders have backed out and resigned from their positions to immunity from the Taliban. The poor but stable country is now a place for chaos, neglected by the U.S., leaving the citizens to suffer.