Twitter’s Board Of Directors Is No More

The future of Twitter is going to be very different from the past ways the social media site was run. For one thing, free speech, rather than censorship, will be the defining value of the platform. Likewise, fact-checking on Twitter is not going to be based on a user’s politics, but rather on objective accuracy.

All of this comes thanks to business magnate Elon Musk completing his purchase of Twitter just last month. Musk is cleaning the house, which means letting go of past Twitter executives who were on board with stifling free speech and openly discriminating against conservatives.

In yet another interesting turn, Musk is once again making headlines, this time for doing away with Twitter’s board of directors.

New Leadership Emerges
Musk’s removal of Twitter’s board of directors comes after he fired the company’s now-former CFO, CEO, and legal executive.

With the board of directors gone, Musk is taking a more active role in how Twitter is operated. This was made apparent by him not only being “Chief Twit,” but also in Musk becoming the newfound operator of Twitter’s “complaint hotline.”

There’s more to come, however. Later down the line, the businessman will put together a council that focuses on content moderation. Just last month, he revealed this council will meet before any currently suspended Twitter accounts are reinstated.

Musk remains adamant that his leadership of Twitter will be not only good for society but also a force that attracts millions of new users over the years.

Major Meltdowns From the Left
Democrats were furious when Musk even talked about buying Twitter, let alone him actually going through with it. Though as the businessman makes changes and keeps the world updated, the left-wing rage machine is still going.

Thus far, some of the latest outrages centers around a plan for Twitter users with blue checkmarks to pay a monthly fee. Some reporters and authors claim they are not willing to pay a relatively small amount of money.

Other Democrats announced they are done with Twitter and have no more use for the platform with Musk running things.

Conservatives, on the other hand, remain largely excited about the possibilities to come from a Musk-run Twitter. It certainly appears as though the days of rampant censorship and right-wing users not getting a fair shake on this platform are long gone.