Twitter Now Owned By Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has been a long time in the making. Months ago, the business mogul announced his decision to buy Twitter.

However, the acquisition process was temporarily delayed after Musk and Twitter hit a snag regarding bots on the site. Eventually, Musk pulled out of the deal, battling with Twitter in court.

Weeks ago, the businessman announced the deal was back on track. On Thursday, news broke that Musk finally acquired ownership of Twitter.

A New Era For Twitter
With the $44 billion deal done, Musk let go of higher-ups within Twitter, including the company’s CFO, CEO, and leading lawyer. Each of these individuals played a role in the censorship of users on Twitter, this being the opposite direction in which Musk aims to take the platform.

Musk remains adamant that his leadership of Twitter will take free speech to higher heights. The businessman also said that a forum for people to openly discuss ideas, rather than regress into partisan echo chambers, is critical for humanity.

As Musk remakes Twitter in his preferred image, many people are wondering whether or not previously banned accounts will be restored. Prior to Musk’s acquisition of the platform, he was clear that he disagreed with people getting hit with lifetime bans.

Reactions From Americans
Musk’s purchase of Twitter comes after years of the platform unfairly censoring conservatives, while letting leftists tweet out anything they want, even death threats, with impunity.

Naturally, the left was enraged over the fact that their side will no longer be given exclusively preferential treatment. Instead, the right to speak – or tweet – freely looks like it’ll apply to all users on the site, regardless of their political views.

Conservatives, on the other hand, applauded Musk for his successful acquisition. Many on the right said this was a long time coming. Others pointed out that Musk is going to play a vital role in the fight for free speech on social media platforms.

As America weighs in on the new direction of Twitter, Elon Musk remains adamant that he wants to not only make the social media site more inclusive, but also expand its user base by the millions.