Twitter is Facing Another PR Nightmare

Things haven’t been going so well for Twitter lately.

Only several weeks ago, business mogul Elon Musk was on his way to purchasing the social media giant for $44 billion dollars. However, this deal crumbled after Musk pulled out and accused Twitter of being deceitful about its number of spam bots.

Twitter then retained legal counsel, announcing that it has every intention of forcing Musk to purchase the company as previously agreed upon.

Now, another issue is arising for Twitter. This time, it deals with the company’s shares tanking by 4.5% after a former employee brought forward troubling security allegations.

Compromised Security Protocols?
Mudge Zatko previously worked as Twitter’s security executive until his termination in January 2022. Now, Zatko warns that his former employer is knowingly enabling faulty security systems, thus posing serious threats to US national security and privacy.

According to the former security executive, Twitter’s operations service is riddled with software that’s outdated. Zatko then declared Twitter workers can internally access individual users’ accounts before saying the company did, in fact, lie to Musk about its number of spam bots.

Now, an attorney representing Musk says the legal team wants to speak with Zatko and other Twitter staffers who have information. Musk’s team already subpoenaed Zatko and depending on what comes from this, it could impact whether Twitter loses its legal efforts against Musk.

Zatko additionally stated that his ethics compelled him to expose various security issues he alleges Twitter has. The former security executive claims the company isn’t being honest with even its own shareholders about these issues.

Pushback From Twitter
Right now, Twitter insists there’s no truth to the claims from Zatko. Instead, the company insists that he was fired for poor job performance and is now out for revenge.

Twitter expressed through a company spokesperson that maintaining high levels of privacy and security are top priorities.

In a memo to current workers, Twitter also noted that despite how “frustrated” company members may feel about Zatko’s allegations, none of it takes away from the quality of work they’ve done.

Thus far, Twitter’s already been called upon by Musk’s legal team to hand over documents related to its number of spam bots.

The full extent to which Zatko’s claims impact all the issues surrounding Twitter remains to be seen.