‘Twilight Of The Democrat Dinosaurs’: Biden And Pelosi Are Finished

Biden and Pelosi could not get the vote of their party members for the bill that supposedly cost zero dollars. Nancy Pelosi had vowed to hold the vote for the Infrastructure bill on Thursday which turned into an embarrassing failure and on Friday Pelosi announced that more time is needed. She had planned to get the infrastructure bill passed but the progressives were adamant on having it their way which was to have the reconciliation bill passed with the infrastructure bill. While the moderates were promised by Pelosi to have the infrastructure bill on the floor, the progressive squad has changed the entire scenario.

Biden and Pelosi were positioned at their authority by the Democrats to have order and continuity within their party, but the moderates and progressive socialists refused to unite. The moderates know that voting for the $3,5 trillion will have the Republicans replacing their seats in 2022 while the socialist squad wants it their way or highway. The GOP has previously expelled the extremist from their party to maintain the authority under a single leadership. The same is needed for the Democrats right now if they want to have unity for future agendas. But the fact remains that the President that promised to retain the agreement has failed to unite his party members for a bill that is part of Biden’s plan. 

We can’t rule out the fact that Biden’s Afghanistan pull-out has left a scar on him for the rest of his tenure. He comes across as not only frail but also elderly and frail. To top it off, the house speaker is now also portrayed as a bit of a bighorn. It was embarrassing that his party members are not taking the authority in power seriously and have risked Biden’s agenda for their socialist plans.