Tucker Reports on Ashley Biden’s Disturbing Diary

Tucker Carlson reported last week on new shocking statements allegedly found in the diary of Joe Biden’s daughter. Ashley Biden appears to claim in her private writings that Joe took showers with her when she was still a girl, contributing to her sex addiction issues.

The diary was allegedly found under a bed in a halfway house. Aimee Harris happened to be the person using the room where the diary was left immediately after Ashley Biden was staying at the facility to receive treatment.

A diary entry from January 2019 includes Ashely’s statement that she remembers having sex “with friends” at a young age and taking showers with her dad.

Carlson asked his viewers who are fathers of daughters how anyone could come up with “any explanation for that behavior that is justifiable.” He referred to the description of Joe Biden’s behavior as sick and horrifying, and said, “If that’s not child molestation, it is definitely close enough to justify a police visit.”

Carlson had sharp criticism for the FBI for investigating Aimee Harris simply because she had the unfortunate occasion to find the abandoned diary. He also pointed out how the FBI was also more interested in raiding the homes and offices of journalists reporting on the story than investigating the actual allegations set out in the dairy.

Project Veritas founder and journalist James O’Keefe was investigated last November after his home was raided by law enforcement officers searching for the Ashley Biden diary. Agents told a judge that they believed O’Keefe had stolen the diary in order to obtain a warrant to search his property.

Carlson asked viewers that even if the theft allegations had a shred of credibility, “in what world” is the theft of a diary a matter to be investigated by the FBI. He noted that it was obvious that the FBI was acting in desperation in an attempt to prevent the contents of the diary from becoming public.

Carlson also noted Joe Biden’s history of odd behavior toward young girls. He reminded viewers of Biden’s bizarre comments from the stage in an address at a Virginia military base last year. He spoke to a young girl, telling her he “loves those barrettes in your hair, man.” He also said “look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old,” and then described how she looked like a lady with her legs crossed.