Tucker Carlson’s Departure Dims Fox News’ Spotlight

A Rasmussen poll conducted last week highlights the remarkable popularity of Tucker Carlson, whose favorability ratings surpass even those of Fox News. The poll reveals that 59% of likely United States voters have a favorable impression of Carlson. In comparison, Fox News garners favorability from 52% of voters. This data is noteworthy as Fox News has experienced a dip in ratings following Carlson’s departure, which was announced on April 23.

Tucker Carlson’s exit has had a ripple effect on the network. For example, Brian Kilmeade, who filled in as a substitute host for “Fox News Tonight,” has seen his ratings decline compared to Carlson’s numbers. Wednesday, April 19, Carlson drew about 3 million viewers, while Kilmeade’s show brought in 1.33 million on Wednesday, April 26. Other primetime shows like “The Ingraham Angle” and “Watters’ World” have experienced similar declines, further illustrating the significance of Carlson’s absence.

In response to these ratings numbers, Fox News’ statement emphasizes that the network has been cable news’ most-watched channel for 21 years. However, it’s evident that Tucker Carlson was an influential figure on the network, and viewers and fellow hosts alike feel his departure. As Sean Hannity commented on his radio show, “My phone has been blowing up all day. The hard part for me is I don’t have a clue, I have no idea. Was it Tucker’s decision? Was it Fox’s? Was it a mutual agreement that they had? I don’t know.”

The poll also provides insight into the demographics of those who view Carlson and Fox News favorably. Unsurprisingly, Carlson is viewed most favorably among Republican voters and individuals who identify as conservative. Furthermore, his favorability is strongest among voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually.

The impact of Tucker Carlson’s exit reaches beyond Fox News, as conservative competitor Newsmax has experienced a boost in ratings. Newsmax host Eric Bolling’s show saw an increase in viewership from 168,000 the week before to 510,000 on Wednesday night, April 26. With Newsmax pushing the narrative that Fox News is shifting to a more liberal stance, the network’s ratings gains reflect a potential shift in the cable news landscape.

As Carlson leaves Fox News, his supporters hope he will utilize alternative media platforms to share his thoughts on controversial topics. This move could potentially result in a more politically incorrect form of programming, expanding the conversation beyond the constraints of network television.

Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News has led to declining ratings for the network, and viewers and fellow hosts feel his absence. As Fox News navigates this new landscape, alternative media outlets like Newsmax are capitalizing on the opportunity to gain viewership. Only time will tell how this shift will play out in the long run and what new opportunities may arise for Tucker Carlson.