Tucker Carlson And Don Lemon Hire Same High-Powered Lawyer

Popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson and disgraced CNN anchor Don Lemon were both fired from their positions on the same day. Now, reports show that the two have both hired the same high-powered lawyer.

Multiple sources have revealed that Carlson and Lemon hired powerhouse lawyer Bryan Freedman to handle their departures from their respective networks. However, neither of the former news anchors have actually announced a lawsuit or dispute against their networks.

Nonetheless, Freedman has a long record of helping TV hosts win millions of dollars from their old networks, according to Business Insider.

“Bryan Freedman is known as the go-to lawyer for multimillion-dollar payouts in messy media breakups,” the outlet wrote, adding that the high-powered lawyer has “worked for former TV hosts at ABC, NBC, and CNN, and for a long list of celebrities.”

“Messy media breakups are a staple for Freedman, who’s famous for aggressively representing a laundry list of the entertainment world’s most prominent figures. His clients include Vin Diesel, Quentin Tarantino, and Mariah Carey,” Business Insider also noted.

According to the outlet, the news was first reported by another employee recently fired by CNN — Brian Stelter, who said on Monday that he had been told that Carlson and Lemon had retained Freedman’s services.

The New York Times also confirmed the news that Lemon had hired Freedman.

Numerous rumors have circulated about the reasons behind Carlson and Lemon’s firings, though there has been no confirmation as of yet. Lemon was known for being a problem at the network, and even had his evening show canceled. He was then moved to a morning show with two female co-hosts, where he was called out for multiple sexist comments that prompted the network to force him to receive “formal training.”

Carlson, on the other hand, was immensely popular among the Fox News audience, and appeared to get along with his colleagues. He was one of very few Fox News hosts that actually called out the establishment on a regular basis, and his show became the most popular on the network. All of this has led many to question the motivation behind Carlson’s firing, with rumors circulating that the network executives were concerned about him exposing the truth about the January 6 protests. Many other theories have been posited, but none with solid evidence to back them up.

Meanwhile, Carlson has posted a video on Twitter, giving his first public comments since the controversial firing — where he discussed the things he has realized since he stepped “outside the noise for a few days.”